Monday, 19 July 2010

Telstar - DVD - 10/7/10

British pop music has a long history of gay men influencing, shaping and molding bands, artists and audiences. It also has a long history of overt and covert gay messages and references in songs and style. That's something we should be pleased about and proud of.

One of the earliest examples of all of the above is Joe Meek who scored huge hit singles and pushed the boundaries of pop from the very beginnings of his life in music.

This film tells the hilarious but ultimately tragic story of the pop impresario.

It's a fairly straight (ahem) telling of the story...workmanlike almost but such is the curious nature of the story and the high quality of the performances (especially Con O'Neill as Joe Meek) the film never fails to entertain.

I would recommend that you take a look at this article to get an understanding of the wider significance and importance of Meek.

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