Tuesday, 13 July 2010

La Pantera Negra (The Black Panther) - EIFF - 26/6/10

One of the great joys of any film festival is taking a chance on something and being surprised.

Trust me "La Pantera Negra" is surprising.

REALLY surprising.

Film noir.









Just, really, really surprising.

Nico is a private eye who wakes from a drunken stupor to the sound of his telephone ringing.

It's a client.


No, really, it's God.

He wants Nico to find the Black Panther.

He won't tell Nico who or what the Black Panther might be only that he does know it's whereabouts.

From there we are plunged into a surreal modern take on noir with femme fatales and all manner of odd characters cropping up and dropping out.

This is the sort of film that reminds you how much fun cinema can be. It doesn't have any pretentions to be being high art or of being some sort of concept film...it's a good story with good performances delivered with just enough humour and knowing winks to make it work.

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