Thursday, 22 July 2010

Q&A with Boz Boorer

Boz Boorer was a Polecat and has been the only ever present in the musical musings of Morrissey since the end of The Smiths.

He has played in some of the biggest venues in the world from the Hollywood Bowl and Madison Square Gardens to Wembley Arena and the Usher Hall in Edinburgh.

He has also played on more hit singles and huge albums than you could shake a stick at.

Amazingly he agreed to a quick Q&A with Film2010.

God bless him.

MyFilms2010: You have been playing with Morrissey for a long time now...he is, famously, a bit obsessed with certain films. Which of those Morrissey approved films would you choose to show someone who didn't know anything about Morrissey and why?

Boz Boorer: Who's knocking on my door - fantastic performance by harvey kitel

MF2010: If we were making the Boz Boorer Story who would you choose to play the role of Boz Boorer? You can have anyone at all here...alive or, through the miracle of CGI, dead!

BB: James Dean of course!

MF2010: What music would you choose to play over the opening and closing credits of the Boz Boorer Story and why?

BB: Born To Boogie - T.Rex self explanatory
Now My Heart Is Full - same here

MF2010: You've played your fair share of gigs and festivals...which performance do you wish had been captured on film and who would you like to have directing that live performance?

BB: If you lok on you tube, most of our performances HAVE been captured on film, well phone anyway!

MF2010:According to Morrissey there is a place in hell reserved for him and his friends...what film would you choose to play to the residents of hell to torture them for their sinful ways?

BB: Well seeing as i'm going to hell, i wouldn't want to torture my fellow inmates, so i'd have to have Sexy Beast

MF2010: On the flip side of that what is your idea of movie heaven...the one film you could watch for eternity on your cloud?

BB: Sexy Beast - I know it inside out!

Our thanks to Boz.

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