Monday, 15 March 2010

Reasons To Hate James Cameron

1) Rambo: First Blood Part II - he was the "writer", giving an early indication of his talent in this field.

2) The Abyss - the first of his vacuous, effects heavy, anti-films

3) True Lies - an overcooked, overegged, muscle-bound, dumb, James Bond for people who don't do subtlety or irony.

4) Titanic - who cares about truth or historical accuracy when you can simply throw millions of pounds at a story, cram it full of special effects and give it the worst movie theme song in living memory? Oh, it nearly killed the idea of Leonardo DiCaprio as a real actor.

5) Avatar - the ultimate anti-film. Heavy handed, dumber than dumb and dumber, poorly written, effects over Art and of no value whatsoever.

6) This article which shows how he plans a THIRD "Titanic" movie...does this mans desire to squeeze every last penny out of his audience know no bounds? He is a hack. He might even be the devil.

The power of Christ compels you James Cameron...leave the cinema; if I can paraphrase Father Merrin.

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