Friday, 12 March 2010

Dead Snow - DVD - 12/3/10

I like pretty girls.

I like zombie films.

I like evil Nazis getting what they deserve.

I like films that put people in impossible situations.

"Dead Snow" is a film that features zombie Nazis, pretty Norwegian girls, chainsaws, sledgehammers, people trapped in the snow and lots of blood and guts.

It's pretty much the perfect film.

Director Tommy Wirkola is, clearly, a student of horror cinema. There are references to all manner of other horror films (other films in general) and one suspects that the character of Erlend, a movie geek, may not be a million miles away from the real Wirkola.

Like lots of other good horror films "Dead Snow" contains moments that are scary, a smattering of sex, blood, guts and humour. What sets it apart from the likes of the "Saw" movies or the work of the moronic Rob Zombie is that it is lavished with loving attention and the desire to make something that doesn't just want to disgust its audience. All of the actors are convincing in a series of set pieces that are ludicrous...another sign that this is above average horror fare.

I don't think I've seen something that I have enjoyed so much in a while. This is, clearly, nonsense but it's delivered with conviction and is paced at little less than one hundred miles an hour for the majority of the time. There can't be many people who wouldn't enjoy a film where an army of undead Nazis find themselves being cut up, mown down, run over and smashed over the course of ninety minutes.

Or maybe it's just me.

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