Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Cove - DVD - 17/3/10

Rick O'Barry was the man who caught and trained the dolphins who became "Flipper". When one of the dolphins who "played" the role died O'Barry realised that keeping these animals in captivity wasn't right and began a crusade to see them all released. He's been doing it for over thirty years now, frequently arrested and often the object of hatred and vilification as well as very real death threats he carries on because he knows it's the right thing to do...which, coming from a politician, is normally a sign that the opposite is true but which, from O'Barry sounds absolutely honest.

Taiji, Japan, is home to one of the largest dolphin slaughters in the world. It is here, in the cove, that dolphins who are not purchased by the likes of "Sea World" are slaughtered and then sold off for their flesh. The footage which the film-makers covertly captured shows the waters in the cove turning red as dolphin after dolphin is butchered. From September to March each year these beautiful animals meet their end here. It is shocking and sickening in equal measure.

"The Cove" is a documentary that doesn't just shock it also inspires. As one of the activists points out; "If you're not an activist, you're an inactivist". I've already made a donation to the campaign which is aiming to pile pressure on the Japanese government to end this totally unnecessary murder of these beautiful animals.

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