Friday, 19 March 2010

The Headless Woman - Filmhouse - 19/3/10

This slow burning thriller from director Lucrecia Martel takes a simple premise and draws from it a thriller that acts as a metaphor for the class issues in modern Argentina.

On her way home from a family gathering Veronica hits something, or someone, while she momentarily takes her eye off of the road. Instead of stopping to check what she hit she drives on and from that point is haunted by the crime that she may have committed. A series of characters float in and out of her life; her husband, her children, her lover all provide background into who Veronica is but ultimately of more significance they also provide the support network that enables her to rebuild her life.

It's not easy to say much more without giving away the crucial part of the plot but what I can say is that while you may guess what that is what you will not be expecting is the way in which that is resolved. Gosh that reads like one of those riddles that pop up on late night television...I'm sorry.

The performance from Marla Onetto as Veronica is absolutely breathtaking. She has little dialogue but what she says in her movements, her actions and her eyes is more convincing than any words. This is a subtle and hypnotic showing from Onetto and highlights, again, how much talent there is outside of the Hollywood hills.

The film is available to buy already for those of you reading in the USA and I really would urge you to make the effort to see this, you won't be disappointed.

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