Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Suspiria - DVD - 16/2/10

Suzy Bannion arrives at an exclusive dance school in Freiburg from New York. On arrival she finds a hysterical young woman fleeing the school in the middle of a thunder storm. During her time at the school she uncovers the terrible truth of what is really behind a series of gruesome murders.

Dario Argento is the Italian master of horror and "Suspiria" is his masterpiece. Filmed in almost lurid Technicolour he crafts a macabre world where every shadow, every window, every character and every shot comes loaded with suspense, dread and terror.

At times what is going on doesn't make a lot of sense but it is your senses that Argento is interested in, not making sense. Visually this is one of the most incredible films I've seen. While the story may be a load of hokum and the acting be only marginally above B-movie there is no doubt that Argento is a skilled film-maker.

A double killing at the films start is as memorable as the slaying of Janet Leigh in "Psycho" and the film has clearly influenced many horror films that have followed including the likes of "The Shining". At times it seems possible to pause the action and take time to appreciate the beauty of the image on the screen...even if that image is something horrible.

Terrifyingly wonderful.

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