Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Glasgow Film Festival 2010 - February 18th - 28th

Now in its sixth year the Glasgow Film Festival is fast forging a reputation as a place to catch some of the finest cinema from around the world. Documentaries, blockbusters, independents, foreign language, horror, realist and more are all available to an ever growing audience.

This years festival promises to be one to remember with showings of Michael Moores "Capitalism: A Love Story" at one end of the spectrum and the remake of "The Crazies" at the other! Of particular interest to me is the season of Japanese cinema which is forming a key part of this years programme with classics like Kurosawas "Ran" and the legendary animie "Akira" showing with the latest offering from Takashi Miike.

While the "other" film festival in Scotland attracts greater attention it would be wise for genuine fans of cinema to keep a close eye on the GFF which, while a toddler in comparison, has a vibrant and exciting programme of films guaranteed to keep audiences entertained, shocked, thrilled and, possibly, confused.

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