Friday, 12 February 2010

Food Inc. - Filmhouse - 12/2/10

Robert Kenner presents an entertaining and informative documentary which looks at food production in the USA.

Shocking, unsettling and emotional "Food Inc." shows us the reality of how what we eat gets from the farm to the plate. It's not a pleasant journey, in fact it is a journey that involves very little farming as most of us understand it and bares a closer resemblance to the methods employed by factories...low skilled, low paid workers performing the most basic of tasks are behind much of the food we eat but that is the least unappetising fact here.

Much of the food we eat poses a danger to our health in the long and, sometimes, the short term. One harrowing tale of the death of a small child from e-coli following a family holiday and some hamburgers is enough to make even the most fervent carnivore stop and think...if only for a minute.

In much the same way as the tobacco companies used to try to convince us that smoking was good for us so the food corporations are attempting to convince us that everything is fine...the truth is that what we eat may be just as harmful to us as the ciggies are.

A documentary that should be on everyones to see list.

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