Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Princess and the Frog - Cineworld - 18/2/10

The latest offering from Disney tells the story of an impoverished young black girl, Tiana, who kisses a talking frog because she believes that by doing so he will turn into a prince and reward her by providing the money she needs to realise her dream.

Things don't work out that way and, instead, Tiana is transformed into a frog and then has to help the prince find a princess to...oh, you get the idea! It's Disney...there are lovely songs, talking animals, scary villains and a happy ending; what more do you want?

I'm not a big Disney fan, even as a child it wasn't really my "thing" but I really enjoyed "The Princess and the Frog" and, in particular, I enjoyed watching a hand-drawn animation. It looked absolutely fabulous and reminded you that even in the age of CGI and computer animation nothing can capture the warmth and feeling that you feel from hand-drawn.


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  1. We saw this one last week - it's been ages since Disney did something in this style - was Hercules or The Hunchback of Notre Dame the most recent?

    I liked the New Orleans theme - the movie made me want to go there.