Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Run Lola Run - Filmhouse - 24/5/10

A cult movie this one.

Sadly, in this case, cult doesn't mean undisovered, underappreciated gem but instead means a film that students will enjoy after an evening in the union.

Don't let the philosophical bent of the storyline (determinism 101) fool you...this is not a clever film or a meaningful film. This is a film that looks three or four times its twelve years. Coming at the arse end of the nineties and two years after its most obvious stylistic inspiration, Trainspotting, this has aged terribly. From the ghastly euro-techno soundtrack to the duller than dull Franka Potente as the eponymous heroine everything about this reeks of desperation. It clearly wants to be hip, witty and meaningful but it fails on every level.

With nods to Argento (at least one blind character and several others in very dark sunglasses), Tarantino (the interlocking storylines a la "Pulp Fiction") and the previously mentioned "Trainspotting" this is a film that should have been fabulous...but trust me it is about as far from fabulous as a film can get without actually being a Steve Coogan project.

Just plain bad.

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