Sunday, 23 May 2010

EIFF - Press Accreditation

Hullo readers.

Excellent news this week as myfilms2010 learned that we (that's the royal "we") had been successful in our application for press accreditation for this years Edinburgh International Film Festival.

That means we can all look forward to news, reviews and (hopefully)interviews from one of the biggest and most diverse film festivals in the world next month.

Many thanks to all of you for reading, registering and supporting the blog so far this year. Without all of that then there would be no blog...which some of you may feel is no bad thing as you wade through another review of an Ozu film and see me shoehorn the words "delicate" and "moving" into it.

Thanks too to the lovely people at Rogers & Cowan who run the press at the EIFF...they made the decision to grant press accreditation and I (see, I've ditched the "we" thing already) am really very grateful to them for showing a bit of faith in me and the blog.

Thanks again everyone.

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