Monday, 3 January 2011

Lord, Save Us From Your Followers - DVD - 3/1/11


Christian film-maker Dan Merchant sets out to discover why it is that people who claim to be "Christians" seem not to be particularly Christ-like.

He makes a compelling case for greater understanding between people of faith, people of different faiths and people of no faith.  There are few people (Jew, Christian, Muslim, Atheist and more) who would not agree that being "like" the Christ of the New Testament isn't a good idea.  Why more people don't do that, particularly those who are happy to loudly proclaim pieces of the Christian message to suit there own political, moral and philosophical positions, is a mystery and not one that Merchant is able to answer.

There are plenty of laughs here and much to think would be an interesting evening to watch it back-to-back with Bill Mahers "Religulous".

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