Monday, 3 January 2011

2011 Preview - 3/1/11

I've received one or two requests for a "heads up" on what lies ahead this year.

As I'm not a "real" journalist and I don't read the film magazines for fear of being influenced by the writings or others I'm not really in the loop...thankfully The Guardians Peter Bradshaw has listed the nine films he is most excited about for 2011.

His list can be read here.

Of the films he mentions I am keen to catch "127 Hours" this week; gruelling and gruesome it may well but I do want to see it.

"True Grit" is receiving a lot of positive press and is being talked about for an Oscar nod or two.

"Black Swan" is the one I am most excited about as I love Natalie Portman and Aronofsky always delivers something...unexpected.

Others to look out for include; "Biutiful" which is director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritus first Spanish language film since his two English language features (21 Grammes and Babel).  Starring Javier Bardem it looks like it will be a hard hitting and powerful movie.

Another Spanish language feature arrives in the shape of Diego Lunas directorial debut "Abel" and it also promises to be powerful and engaging stuff.

An interesting documentary "Waiting For Superman" about the failings of the American education system should prove depressingly interesting!

Most of these arrive early this year, many this month so it promises to be a good start to the year.  As ever though, I suspect that the real treasures will be found outside of the multiplex.

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  1. Thanks Mozzer, and I think you are right about where the real treasure is to be found.
    In conversation with someone it was mentioned that Daniel Craig is making a cowboy movie that is about Aliens!!!
    Surely not!