Sunday, 28 November 2010

Little Nicholas - Filmhouse - 17/11/10

A film about a group of sweet and tender, pre-teen hooligans in pre-war France...what's not to like?

Nicholas is a happy little boy...he has a group of good friends, loving parents and a nice teacher.  Life is good.

When Nicholas gets it into his head that his mother is pregnant and that this will mean his parents driving him into the woods to abandon him he and his friends conspire to come up with a series of schemes aimed at protecting his status as the youngest and the most loved.

What follows is best described as a comic book romp as Nicholas and his chums increasingly resemble Britains "Bash Street Kids" in their attempts to outsmart teachers and parents alike.  The film is so sweet and so completely charming that anyone who doesn't enjoy it may need to make use of the services of an undertaker.

"Little Nicholas" is a film that manages to paint a pretty picture of the innocence of is pure fancy and is delivered with warmth and wit that leaves you feeling utterly uplifted.  A film that I had never heard of but that managed, long before the end credits rolled, to barge its way into my list of favourite films.

Tres bien!

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