Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari - Filmhouse - 20/10/10

You know how sometimes you just want to see a German, expressionist, horror film from the 1900's with live piano accompaniment?

Sure you do.

You're at home, there is nothing on the TV, all of your friends are busy, the girlfriend is out at some crazy exercise class, you've seen all of your DVDs...then it hits you; you want to see a silent, black and white movie that, arguably, features the first every "twist" ending that has given you everything from "The Sixth Sense" to "The Usual Suspects".

Still no?

You've read the latest copy of "Sight & Sound", you've waded through (another) Spielberg retrospective in "Empire" and it's whetted your appetite for a bit of set design from expressionist artists, direction from a replacement for Fritz Lang and the kind of hammy acting that makes Keanu Reeves look like, well, a real actor.


I worry about you sometimes.

I do.

"The Cabinet of Dr Caligari" is, and let there be no debate here, a classic. It's a film that should be in your "must see" list...if it isn't add it now and then make a point of seeing it as quickly as possible.

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