Wednesday, 17 November 2010

L'enfant - DVD - 8/11/10

You haven't seen "L'enfant"?


2005 Palme d'Or winner?


Multiple awards from myriad international film festivals?

Still no?


I worry about you sometimes.

Here I am trying to do my bit to educate you...sorry, I need to take this call...

(Hullo?  Oh, hullo mum.  No, it's not a bad time.  I'm just writing an entry on the blog...hmmm?  Oh, it's a French film about a young couple who live off of the boys earnings from stealing and then selling the things he's stolen...she has a baby...he does something REALLY awful...what?  It's called "The Child".  No, I'd never heard of it before either.  What?  Am I writing a really pretentious review where I pretend to know more about films than my readers?  No!  I'm not.  NO!  Look, I'm busy, I'll call you later.  Bye bye.  Yes.  I love you too.  Cheerio)

Sorry about that.

Yes, as I was saying...the fact that you haven't heard of "The Child" speaks volumes about your lack of knowledge and understanding of film.

It's a film that is full of raw and very real emotion, a film that perfectly captures the lives of people on the fringes of "normal" society and a film that does what so few films ever leave you breathless. All credit for that must go to Jeremie Renier and Deborah Francois who play Bruno and Sonia, the lucklessly desperate and desperately in love couple who seem to prove that all you need is love.  This is a love that is built to last even in the face of the most awful betrayal by Bruno.

If you are going to carry on reading this blog you really will have to make more of an effort.


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