Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Unloved - Filmhouse - 10/10/10

Screening as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival this is the directorial debut of Samantha Morton and is, at least in part, based on her own experiences of care homes and family breakdown.

With a style that, clearly, owes more than a little to Shane Meadows, Morton delivers an honest and moving film that highlights the horrors of growing up in care and of having parents who are barely worth the name.

A childs eye view film requires a child who can provide just that and in Molly Windsor "The Unloved" has unearthed a young actress with the ability to not just look the part but who can also act...not something that every child performer manages. As the abused, ignored, confused and unloved lead she carries the entire film on her narrow shoulders and does so magnificently.

A beautiful film about a very ugly subject.

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