Thursday, 14 October 2010

Rapt - Filmhouse - 8/10/10


"Rapt" is based, loosely, around the real life kidnapping of a French industrialist.

Here the industrialist is Stanislas Graff and his kidnapping leads to all manner of nastiness...not all of it perpetrated by his tormentors.

Graff is revealed to be a serial adulterer, a boor, a bore and not much of a husband or father. His time as a captive does not, thankfully, "change" him or lead to his "finding" himself. Instead he returns home angry and convinced that his real enemies are not those who hid behind balaclavas and lopped off his finger but are inside his boardroom and his bedroom.

"Rapt" starts off with a bang as Graff is abducted and then de-fingered but after that it progresses at a more thoughtful and though provoking pace. The boardroom wrangles over whether or not the company should act as guarantor for his ransom are as important and impressive as Graffs attempts to keep his "hosts" happy with him. Yvan Attal is superb as Graff and perfectly captures the arrogance and confidence of the free man and the cowering timidity of the captured one.

This is cool, sophisticated and stylish film making...which, as it is French, may be a little predictable!

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