Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Queen of Spades - 5/1/10 Filmhouse, Edinburgh

Re-issue of Thorold Dickinsons 1949 lost classic in which Dame Edith Evans plays a Russian Countess with a murky past and a dark secret.

Young army captain Suovorin (Anton Walbrook) discovers an ancient book which hints at the wealth to be had from selling ones soul to the devil in exchange for the numbers which will guarantee success in a popular gambling card game of the time. When he learns that the Countess was the last person to make this deal he worms his way into the affections of her young ward in order to learn the numbers of the cards that will bring him riches.

A dark, beautifully shot and delicously wicked little film "The Queen of Spades" is perfect Sunday afternoon viewing. Rain outside, a blanket wrapped around you as you lie on the sofa, the lights off...lose yourself!

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