Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Daybreakers - 6/1/10 - Cineworld, Edinburgh

Human kind has "evolved" to become vampire kind. That's the premise behind this "Blade" lite vampire flick.

The problem for the vampires is that the supplies of human blood are running dangerously low and a new source must be found to stop all vampires turning into the sort of demented tormentors we all saw in "Blade 2"

Ethan Hawke works on a blood substitute but as he does so he stumbles across something more startling...a cure for vampirism. That leads to all sorts of trouble for him and some of the humans he has befriended along the way.

This sort of stumbles across the screen and, at times, you are laughing when you suspect the director expected you to be screaming or aaaahing. Willem Dafoe in particular turns in a laughably OTT performance that had me squirming in my seat. Which is also how I spent the time watching him in "Antichrist" last year.

Disappointing film milked from an interesting premise.

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