Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lost Chapter of Snow Passion - EIFF 2012 Somai Retrospective

An orphaned girl.

A hint of Oliver Twist.

A dash of forbidden love.





Then the usual (as far as anything is "usual" in a Somai movie) water and throwing.

What you are left with is yet another film that is utterly unlike anything else you are likely to see from any director working at the same time as Somai.  Seeing so many of his films together in such a short space of time one is struck by the fact that he was, quite genuinely, unique and brilliant.

Here the central performers are older (but no wiser) than the adolescents of other Somai works and that allows him to deal with familar themes in a very different fashion.  It's fascinating to watch a directors body of work in this way...everything crammed together, no time to really think, simply reacting to what you are seeing and feeling.

"Lost Chapter" is a tender, beautiful but disturbing and dark film that further cements the idea that Somai may be THE great director of his generation.

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  1. I was pleased that I got over and saw one of his later films Paul, and I'll hold back on my feelings about it until you post your own review.