Sunday, 1 July 2012

Flicker - EIFF 2012

A Swedish comedy about...a cleaner who is afraid of spiders, an engineer who fries his testicles with 40,000 volts of electricity, a failing CEO of a communications company, a sad and lonely man, a group of terrorists who are driven by their allergy to electricity, horrible all-in-one sleep suits and so much more besides.

In truth that's not what "Flicker" is about...those are just people and things that make up the action.

This is a film about people...the ties that bind them and the hope that lives inside of them.

Everyone in this beautiful and hilarious film is feeling desperate or alone.  They are all looking for something more in their lives...someone to love them, a cure to the troubles that haunt them, someone to care, a jolt of happiness.

Unlike a lot of modern (American) comedy this is a film that has heart and that will have you laughing out loud without ever having to rely on the vulgar, the crude or the ridiculous.  Warm, gentle, kind and hilarious...lovely.


  1. Sounds really good Moz, anyone we might have seen before with a role in this one?
    By the way are you going to give us your top ten movies from the festival?

  2. A few familiar faces from some other Swedish movies Rab...a top ten will be up as soon as I have posted reviews of all the movies I caught this sometime in the next year!!