Monday, 6 December 2010

Megamind - Cineworld - 3/12/10


Are you feeling a little melonkolly?

Do you ever wish you had a black cloak you could wear called the Black Mambaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah?

Are you sick to death of good triumphing over evil but don't fancy living in the sort of world where evil reigns (just think about how many jokes I could have made about America here if Bush were still President...damn you Obama!)?

"Megamind" is the sort of wonderfully, gloriously, ridiculously silly childrens film that appeals to the child in all of us without feeling the need to shoehorn in references to adult topics.  This is old fashioned, slapstick heavy, daftness that is guaranteed to bring a smile to all but the most miserable of faces.

Megamind is the supervillain who haunts the citizens of Metro-City (he pronounces it "metrocity") with his evil plans for world domination and desperate attempts to woo (via kidnapping) local TV news reporter Roxanne Richie.  He is thwarted at every turn by superhero Metroman (like Superman but with a better quiff).  The two rivals have been feuding since pre-school days when the blue skinned Megamind found himself cast in the role of ambitious outsider while Metroman enjoyed the status of goody-two-shoes-cum-class hearthrob.

When Megamind succeeds in destroying Metroman he is plunged into a world of doubt, guilt and has to start to question his purpose in life.  With no Metroman what use is a Megamind?  He decides that the only way to give his life meaning again is to resurrect Metroman using his dandruff (I know but it's funny, I promise you) to recreate his DNA (or something) and then injecting it into a lonely loser who instantly becomes TITAN.  Sadly for Megamind Titan doesn't much like the work involved in being a superhero and instead opts to use his powers for evil purposes!

Featuring the voices of Will Ferrel (a fabulously deranged anti-villain) as Megamind, Brad Pitt (giving his best performance in an age) as superhero Metroman, Tina Fey as the Louis Lane love interest Roxanne Richie and Jonah Hill as Titan (nerd turned hero turned super-villain) this is heavy on A-list credibility and it doesn't fail to deliver.  A great script from Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons ensures that everyone, including the cast, are kept entertained from start to finish.

If you don't like this I will have my REVAAAAAANGE!

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