Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Alamar - Filmhouse - 23/9/10

The picture above is of me and my dad.

I can't be much more than four or five years old.

Can you see how happy I look?

Look at my dad.

He is super fit.

At that time he was fighting at international standard in karate. He was a second dan which at that point was not easy and even now is worthy of respect.

You can see how much he loves me too.

We're in a boat on a lake somewhere in West Lothian.

It's the 1970's and the sun is shining.

I don't remember the day or the photograph being taken...that doesn't stop it being my happiest memory!

"Alamar" is that photography brought to life.

A story of a father and his son...the bond between them, the love they share for one another and the joy they bring into each others lives.

It doesn't matter that the film is Mexican, it doesn't matter that it offers a glimpse of Mayan culture and not the culture of exiled Edinburgers living in West Lothian.

I saw this with my dad and throughout I kept seeing the photograph of the two of us on that little row boat.

"Alamar" is fragile, delicate, beautiful, tender and joyous.

I'm glad I saw it and I'm glad I saw it with my dad.

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