Friday, 20 August 2010

The Refuge - Filmhouse - 15/8/10

I watch a lot of films.

Some people might argue that I watch too many films.

They might be right.

But when I see something as fabulous as "The Refuge" I think to myself; "Fools, with their "lives" and their "relationships" look at me sitting in a dark room with a dozen other people watching French bohemians having a gay old time of it"

"The Refuge" is written and directed by Francois Ozon and tells the story of "Mousse" who awakens from a heroin overdose to find her lover and fellow heroin addict dead and his baby living inside her tummy. She moves to the quiet of the countryside to rid herself of her habbit and to find the solitude she needs to cope with her loss and impending gain. She is soon joined by her lovers gay brother and slowly the two find love with and without each other.

With a genuinely shocking denouement and a briliant central performance from Isabelle Carre as the damaged and, potentially, damaging "Mousse" this is a gem of a film that makes wading through so many other lesser films worthwhile.

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