Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Nine Queens - DVD - 9/8/10

It's the Latin American "Sting".

I don't mean it's a self-righteous, pompous, arrogant, hypocritical ponce with a track record of making really awful music...I mean it's a twisty-turny tale of con-men doing what they do best.

Starring Ricardo Darin (who can currently be found in the Oscar winning "The Secret in Their Eyes" which I reviewed in June) as "Marcos"...a low level con artist who takes the incompetent newbie Juan (Gaston Pauls) under his wing after witnessing his botched attempt at pulling a trick on a cashier in an all night garage "Nine Queens" is fast, slick and hugely entertaining all the way through.

The film makes an appearance in a "Best of Latin Cinema" feature in the most recent "Sight and Sound" alongside several more heavyweight contenders like "Amores Perros" and "The Headless Woman" which is testament to director Fabian Bielinsky as he takes control of a script and plot that, in less able hands, could easily not have worked and crafts a terrific thriller that never lets you take your eyes off the screen from start to finish.

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