Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Superhero Me - EIFF - Cineworld - 21/6/10

Steve Sale is an ordinary man.

He has a house, a wife and a full time job.

He's an ordinary Joe.

But Steve Sale is NOT an ordinary man because Steve Sale is SOS!

SOS is a real life superhero.

He's got a costume.

He's got a theme tune.

He's got a rape alarm fitted into one of his gloves!

What more do you people want?

This is Sales first film and he has made a warm, funny and affecting film despite a budget of no pounds and no pence, no experience and an editing suite that consisted of his laptop.

Filming on whatever camera was available to him at any given time (including his mobile telephone) Sale documents his efforts to become a real live superhero. Along the way he postpones his honeymoon, meets other crime fighters in Naples and Florida, recruits a sidekick and discovers that, yes, there really is a hero in all of us.

This is an inspiring film for two reasons; firstly that there are heroes out there in everyday life but secondly because in Sale young, inexperienced film-makers now have a role model, a hero, who has shown them that with a good idea and commitment you can make a film that means something.

That's all from me...BLOGMAN.

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