Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Runaways - EIFF - Cineworld - 21/6/10


Kristen Stewart eh?

Quite the performer.

She has a whole range of one emotion.

In this biopic of Joan Jetts first band, the eponymous Runaways, we get to see all that Stewart has to offer...it's not much to be honest with you. In "Adventureland" her monotonal performance perfectly suited the character, here though we needed something more than just "surly".

What happens to Stewart when she is too old to play obstreperous teens in love with vampires doesn't look good from here...unless she surprises us all and reveals that she can actually act as opposed to simply sulk across the screen.

Sadly this film is little better than the leading ladies performance; it's dial-a-rock 'n' roll-cliche as we discover, shock, the music industry isn't very nice to women, people take drugs, drugs are bad, people in bands have an elevated sense of their own importance and fame is fleeting.

The one saving grace was the performance of Dakota Fanning who is fast becoming a major talent. Making the transition from "cute" child actor to serious actor isn't something many manage but she is doing it with, apparently effortless, ease. Here she is utterly convincing. An Oscar within the next ten years is my prediction.

Like the music of the band this was bubble-gum "shock"...sticky and after about five minutes a bit tasteless.

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