Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Humpday - DVD - 13/4/10

Ben has it all.

He's married to a beautiful, sweet and funny woman; Anna.

He has a lovely home.

He has a good job.

He's trying to start a family with Anna.

Things are looking good.

When an old college mate, Andy, turns up at his home in the early hours of the morning it is clear that things are going to get messy pretty quickly. Andy is loud, brash and eccentric...the look on the face of Anna as she watches her husbands behavior around Andy tells us that she can see what we can see and that Ben can't; Andy is trouble.

True enough Ben is soon involved in a drug fueled conversation with Andy at a party (without Anna) where the topic is "Humpfest", an amateur porn festival, and the two men goad each other into making their own contribution which they call an "art project"; two straight men having sex on camera in order to push boundaries.

The big question is whether or not once they are sober will they go through with it and if they do why?

Director/writer Lynn Shelton manages to make a funny and engaging dark comedy which could, in the hands of the likes of Judd Appatow, could have been a crass, gross-out "comedy". "Humpday" is laugh out loud funny in places and cringe-inducingly uncomfortable in others. This is a film that is, at its heart, about fidelity, honesty and friendship but which uses the most outrageous of premises to explore those issues. Shelton has managed to make something memorable where lesser talents could have made something instantly forgettable.

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