Friday, 30 April 2010

The End - FAB Fest, Filmhouse - 30/4/10

The very definition of independent cinema and for that reason it is very difficult to be too critical of writer/director/star Jeremy Thomas. After all he is out there making films while I am sat here in screen two of the Filmhouse hunched over my Mac offering "criticism" of his tell me who deserves the credit? In fact, don't...I'll tell you; it's Jeremy.

Harvey Fenton of FAB Press introduced the film as "existenial horror" and I think that is a fairly accurate description of what was on display. However, I think that Thomas also has an interest in the philosophical theories of fatalism and determinism going on the plot of "The End". Thomas plays a school teacher who, while helping in the pursuit of a masked kidnapper, discovers that his life is actually a movie...or at least he thinks it is. He may simply be a paranoid schizophrenic. So far, so "Truman Show" but what makes this film worthwhile was the clear sense of mischief and humour that ran throw it like Irn-Bru runs through the veins of your average Glaswegian.

I'm not sure that Thomas will ever graduate to making "big" movies but I'm equally unsure as to whether he has any interest in doing so...with films like "The End" he is in total control and the result is that he has made a film that is, despite my reservations, original and clever. Maybe Hollywood should give him a call...original and clever, the man could be the saviour of cinema.

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