Saturday, 23 June 2012

Grabbers - EIFF 2012






On a Friday night it isn't often that you want to watch Agnes Varda's "Vagabond" or Ozu's "Late Spring".  Not because these are not two very fine films fact the opposite is true; these are genuine masterpieces.  The point is after a long week at work it's rare to find yourself parked on the sofa thinking; "I need something existential...I need something that will force me to really consider the deeper meaning of my own life."  There are times when that is exactly what I want from a film and I've watched Ozu more often than I've watched Spielberg...but not on a Friday night!


On a Friday night you want to watch something that will allow you to forget that your 9-5 isn't exactly fulfilling want something that will lift your want something that will make you jump as often as it will make you laugh out loud (I'm not doing LOL...I'm just not...even though I just did).

Director Jon Wright has managed to deliver a film that does all of that.

This screening was a near sell out and every person there clearly enjoyed every minute of this monsters from outer space attacking a small Irish island action-scifi-comedy-romance bundle of joy.

The film tracks the process of the inhabitants of Erin Island as they try their damnedest to avoid having their blood sucked by the genuinely impressive "grabbers".  How they do that isn't something I can divulge here because, unlike Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian, I don't believe in ruining films for people who haven't seen them.

What I can say is that "Grabbers" is a movie that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and send you home happy that you made the effort to see's daft, it's light but gloriously so.

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